CXT 750 Frozen Sample Aliquotter

Manufacturer: Basque Engineering and Science

CryoXtractTM’s patented frozen coring technology fills a critical gap in maintaining the quality and integrity of valuable and sensitive biological samples. Frozen aliquotting prevents damaging freeze/thaw cycles and thereby improves your analytical reproducibility and enables the study of labile biomolecules. 

The fully automated CXT 750 extracts small aliquots from frozen samples without having to thaw the material. The parent samples and the aliquot are kept at – 80°C during the whole extraction process. Once loaded, the CXT 750 provides full hands-free management of the samples, including capping/de-capping, frozen coring, frozen aliquot dispensing to target tubes and complete probe cleaning between samples.

The CXT 750 can process blood, feces, urine and other bioliquids. The extracted aliquots can either be distributed, stored or directly analyzed (e.g. by LC/MS-MS). This gives you the possibility to perform QC/QA studies without thawing the parent sample or to share critical and valuable samples with other labs to increase utilization of this material.

Frozen aliquotting with the CXT 750 offers numerous benefits in many areas of application:

Microbiome Research: 

  • Reduce feces handling
  • Maintain the microbial profile by preventing freeze/thaw cycles
  • Enable re-analysis of samples
  • Increase sample utilization by distribution of frozen aliquots


  • Analyze labile drug compounds by sample access without thawing
  • Improve quality of DMPK and ADME/Tox testing
  • increased reproducibility in retrospective studies
  • Enable pre-analytical QC of sample material by testing aliquots


  • Preserve sample integrity and enable QC of samples (by RNA or metabolome analysis)
  • Improve distribution of small aliquots while maintaining the parent sample
  • Enable access to critical sample material

At a Glance

  • Fully automated system for frozen aliquotting
  • Extraction of small (~40 – 120 µL) frozen aliquots
  • Built-in de-capping and recapping
  • Processes numerous biofluids and feces samples
  • Patented vision system for sample re-access
  • Automated wash station prevents sample carryover
  • Level sensor for consistent volume acquisition
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