Barocycler® NEP2320-45K Extreme

Barocycler® NEP2320-45K Extreme

Sample preparation protein analysis

Manufacturer: Pressure BioSciences Inc.

The Barocycler® EXT is the innovation behind the pressure-cycling technology, which enables application of high pressure onto samples under repeatable conditions. It is compatible with standardized production analytics and is able to significantly increase sample preparation efficacy for protein analytics, resulting in peptides ready for purification and analysis in 2-4 h.

  • Pressure Range: up to - 45,000 psi (310 MPa)
  • T-Control: Electric Heat ot Water Jacket
  • Chamber capacity: up to 16 samples in MicroTubes
  • Tissues or native Antibodies to Peptides in 2-4 hours for analysis
  • Rapid 1 Hour Digestion of Proteins by PCT
  • Reproducable results
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  • Barocycler® NEP2320-45K Extreme

    The Barocycler Ext is a GMP compliant compact benchtop instrument, being able to handle up to 16 samples simultaneously and carries out is a unique, patented technique of sample processing based on repeated cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels (up to 310 MPa / 45000 psi). The rapid changes in pressure, precisely controlled, allow for accelerated proteolytic digestion with significantly decreased reaction errors and improved extraction of cellular components, proteins including native and unreduced antibodies and lipids, based on improved enzyme activity while being under pressure and enhanced target site availability of the substrates. Those improvements in simple and unique sample preparation furthermore facilitate efficient advancements of multi attribute methods and enables development of highly standardized protocols even for the most difficult substrates under controlled conditions. This provides unprecedented speed and reproducibility for biopharmaceutical processing, yielding protein fragments or peptides ready for purification and analysis within 2-4 hours from the start of preparation.

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