BIO X Bioprinter

3D Printing with Live Cells and "Bioink"

Manufacturer: Cellink AB

Cellink's 3D bioprinter enables the embedding of living cells directly into a 3D matrix - with high accuracy, reproducibility and ease of operation. 

The BIO X bioprinter is a complete stand-alone and user friendly bioprinter. Air filtration and UV sterilization offer working conditions similar to a laminar flow hood. The flexibility of the Bio X bioprinter allows simple adaptation to diverse bioprinting protocols and requirements. With its exchangeable print head system, the BIO X offers unparalleled flexibility when selecting materials for printing. The snap-on feature offers fast exchange for a variety of print heads including chilled print heads, heated print heads, HD cameras, and more.

A wide range of standardised (quality controlled) bioinks and further bioprinting consumables are available.


• HEPA air filtration and UV sterilization

• Triple exchangeable print heads (pneumatic extrusion, syringe pump, inkjet, high temperature extrusion)

• Temperature-controlled printbed (4-60 °C)

• UV-curing system with a 365 nm & 405 nm UV-LED (Exchangeable)

• Minimum print resolution: 5 nanoliters

• XYZ positioning resolution: 2 microns

• Touch screen user interface

• Sterile and ready-to-use bioinks for a variety of different applications

Printer technology



Automatic calibrationYes
Exchangeable printheads

Pneumatic extrusion

Syringe pump


High temperature extrusion

Exchangeable toolheads

UV curing

HD camera

Heated printheadsYes
Cooled printheadsYes
Clean Chamber TechnologyYes
Temperature-controlled printbed4 – 60 °C
Touchscreen interfaceYes
Integrated air supplyYes
Build Volume (mm)130 x 80 x 50
Outer dimensions (mm)441 x 355 x 475
ConnectivityWiFi, USB
UV crosslinking system365nm, 405 nm
XYZ resolution1 micron
Printhead actuationMechanical high precision 

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