Whitley A35 Anaerobic Workstation

Manufacturer: Don Whitley Scientific Ltd

The Whitley A35 Workstation has been developed specifically for anaerobic microbiology and will accommodate 400-600 x 90mm Petri dishes depending on whether plate carriers are used and which system options have been incorporated.

A revolutionary new porthole system allows entry to the chamber in seconds and needs neither gloves nor sleeves. Sample manipulation within a secure anaerobic environment is now as easy as working aerobically on the laboratory bench.

Manufacturer: Don Whitley Scientific Ltd

Main features

  • Built-in rapid airlock
  • Intuitive, colour, touch-screen control panel
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Maximised incubation capacity
  • Dual gas operation
  • Automatic commissioning cycle

Options and accessories

Several options and accessories are available to tailor your anaerobic workstation to your specific needs, including:

  • Single plate entry system
  • Data logging capability
  • Removable front - to facilitate the bulk transfer of samples/equipment or thorough cleaning
  • Internal electrical socket

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