Stand unit Electro-spinning/-spraying System

Manufacturer: Bioinicia

The Fluidnatek® LE-100 is a bigger stand unit a powerfull and flexible electrospinning/electrospraying machine intended for advanced research projects, which have the need for wider application possibilities, closer process control and bigger sample quantities. The climate control unit option porvides regulated %-humidity and temperature.

  • Climate Control System: T, %RH
  • Second spinning head
  • Coaxial parallel multiemitter spinn head
  • XYZ motion automation, 3-D printing
  • Minimized dead-volume
  • Data export and safety interlock
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    The FLUIDNATEK® LE-100 Laboratory eStretching Machine is the equipment of choice for customers working on advanced development projects, where max. experimental capabilities, tighter process control and larger sample sizes are key. The FLUIDNATEK® LE 100 is ideal to explore and develop nanofiber and nanoparticle materials for a wide range of applications, especially those that require good control of the working conditions (relative humidity, temperature, cleanliness, sterility). Crucially for such applications, the FLUIDNATEK® LE-100 is compatible with the climate control systems for temperature and humidity that ensure optimal and reproducible processing conditions. The model FLUIDNATEK® LE-100 can also serve for production needs in a smaller scale. All movements in the spinning process can be automated, a second spinning head is optional, as well as the 3-D printing option for three dimensional nano structures.

    Technical data

    Volume per batch: between 0,5 µl and 140 ml
    Operating mode: Batch system
    Range high voltage: *-10 to +30 kV*, adjustable
    Typical diameter of fiber/ particle: between 20 nm and 10 µm
    Control: Auto shut-down by user-defined timer
    Process time per Batch: 5 minutes to 24 hours (or longer), depending on the polymer solution
    Recipe: Storage of user's protocols
    Dimensions, Weight: 90cm x 195cm x 115cm (WxHxD), 320 kg

    Technical service

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