Cultivation system micro-Matrix up to 5 mL working volume

Manufacturer: applikon® BIOTECHNOLOGY

The unique micro-Matrix offers total control over 24 independent bioreactors in a simple microtiter plate footprint.

Each of the 24 bioreactors on a plate offer independent controls like its larger stirred-tank relatives:

• pH (measurement and two-sided control)
• temperature (measurement and two-sided control, including plate-wide
• dissolved oxygen control (measurement and two-sided control)
• individual liquid additions (including feeding profiles)
• up to 4 separate gas additions (individually controlled)

Each bioreactor has its own PID controller for pH, dissolved oxygen and temperature. Individual pH control can be achieved via gas addition, liquid addition, or a combination of both. Dissolved oxygen level can be individually controlled by up to four gas additions per bioreactor. Temperature can be individually controlled by the integrated cooling and heating system on a well-by-well basis, and users can define temperature gradients across the set of bioreactors.  Each well has its individual Peltier element for cooling and heating and the complete system can be equipped with the optional cooling system to lower the temperature of the cultivation chamber.

The polystyrene bioreactor cassettes conform to the SBS standard for 24 well culture plates (128x86 mm). The total volume per bioreactor is 10 mL with working volumes from 1 to 7 mL (recommended working volume is 5 mL). The square bioreactors are designed based upon our popular 24-well microtiter plate design to optimize mixing and gas transfer, and Applikon has characterized these plates to offer advice on proper selection of working volume and agitation to achieve your process goals. Cassettes are delivered beta-sterilized and sealed in a light shielding package.

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