Cultivation systems MiniBioBundle up to 2700 mL working volume

Real Small, Real bioreactors

Manufacturer: applikon® BIOTECHNOLOGY

MiniBioBundles consist of miniBio bioreactors with Applikon`s new control unit my-Control.

The MiniBio range of bioreactors (250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml total volume) is a true scale down of the laboratory scale bioreactors in the 1 to 15 liter range. The MiniBio systems have the same flexibility as the laboratory scale bioreactors. This means that the MiniBio systems can be customized to fit the demands of any process. The small volume reduces medium costs and reduces the use of expensive bench space.

• Generate more data in less time
• Easy setup and operation
• Cultivate using less medium
• Cultivate using les bench space
• Generate scalable results
• Mimic lab scale bioreactors
• Easy data handling

my-Control is a dedicated control system for the small scale bioreactors. It offers control-loops for pH, dO, temperature, level/foam and agitation and is easily operated via your webbrowser.  Moreover the my-Control offers the following features:

• PID and autotuning adaptive control
• Actuators for up to 6 variable speed pumps or micro valve additions, up to 4
   Mass Flow Controllers, Heating and Cooling (via Peltier or heating
   blanket),condenser cooling (Peltier or cooling water)
• Spare I/O: 8 x digital output, 4 x analog in (0 – 10 V), 4 x analog out (0/4 – 20
• USB connection for Biomass or Fluorophor pH and DO

Besides the MiniBio vessels my-Control is compatible to the following bioreactors:

• 1 liter up to 3 liter autoclavable bioreactors
• 3 liter Cellready single use bioreactors

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