AppliSens pH+ Sensors

Manufacturer: applikon® BIOTECHNOLOGY

The AppliSens pH+ sensor is the ultimate pH sensor for bioprocess measurement.

The pH+ sensor has a fixed sleeve diaphragm. Compared to other diaphragm
types, the sleeve diaphragm gives increased measuring accuracy and precision, resulting in excellent performance:

•    No cross contamination
•    Precise calibration
•    Not sensitive to fouling
•    No need to recalibrate
•    Low and constant offset
•    Stable signal over time

The sensor is constructed using FDA approved materials, like the non-toxic solid gel electrolyte. Furthermore this sensor has an internal pressure, which reduces cross contamination. The pH sensor is designed to withstand repeated sterilization cycles without failure.
AppliSens sensors have a Long-Life code print (engraved serial number) on the
sensor head and are accompanied by a certificate (good for validation; FDA / GLP).
The electrode has a 12 mm body and a PG13.5 connector and fits into any standard sensor holder.

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