Online Biomass Sensors

Manufacturer: Aber Instruments Ltd.

The FUTURA System measures an electrical property of cell suspensions called Capacitance. Cells and bacteria with an intact membrane a polarized by an electrical field and behave like capacitors. Academic and industrial research has demonstrated a correlation between this property and living biomass. Aber’s patented technology converts capacitance into a live biomass reading. 

Aber Instruments has a wide range of probes to suit all applications, they are available in 12 mm diameter ideal for small bioreactors and 25 mm diameter for larger vessels. All probes are Electro-polished and passivated. Options for USP class VI and FDA CFR21 177 certificates are available. By default a probe is shipped with a simple standard certificate of traceability. If you wish to have a full breakdown of all the materials used in the production of a probe then please order the ‘Probe Certificate of Conformance’ package

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