Multi Shot

Manufacturer: Constant Systems Ltd.

The new Multi Shot model from Constant Systems bridges the gap between the One Shot and continuous flow models – it is an excellent high pressure homogeniser for all types of cell suspensions, for volumes of 1-80mls. It is able to continuously process 40mls of sample, by firing 5 shots of 8mls, without requiring manual reloading. The sample is poured into the larger cup, into which a small receiving cup is installed. The sample is then able to flow independently through an inlet valve into the high pressure cylinder beyond. During the shot, the piston forces the sample through the fixed orifice into the receiving cup, thereby disrupting the cells.

The Multi Shot offers a well-priced alternative to the TS Series 0.75kw continuous flow machine for all users with a sample volume below 100ml. As on the One Shot, the removable parts are made of stainless steel, which can be pre-cooled on ice, or the whole system can be placed in a cold room. Due to this, samples are able to remain cooled throughout the disruption process, as is achievable with all Constant Systems models.

The model can also homogenise in the single shot mode, in the same manner as the One Shot, enabling it to process samples in any state (including viscous, pellet/paste, solid tissue and frozen sample). For this, the sample is simply placed directly into the HP cylinder.

The unit is equipped with 0.75kW hydraulics, which guarantees a precise pressure build-up, as with all Constant Systems machines. The user has only to provide a standard power plug for installation and operation of the machine.

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