Valita™ TITER and Valita™ TITER HS

Manufacturer: Valitacell

Valitacell provides two easy-to-use and accurate assays for the quantification of IgG concentration in cell culture supernatant. The assays Valita™ TITER and Valita™ TITER HS do not require complex treatment of the samples and need a sample volume of just 60 µL.

Only a short incubation time is necessary before the assays can be read out in a plate reader utilizing fluorescence depolarization. Results can be evaluated in the ValitaAPP software tool.

The Valita™ TITER assays cover two different IgG concentration ranges. While the Valita™ TITER covers samples from 2.5 – 80 mg/L, the Valita™ TITER works in a low range 0.1 – 6 mg/L.

The results of both assays correlate perfectly with results of the OCTET system and also with the gold standard for IgG quantification HPLC.

Due to the utilization of the well-known 96-well format the assays fit perfectly for high throughput screening.

IgG quantification have never been easier, faster and cheaper.

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