Clamping system Micro-Flask for MTP

Manufacturer: applikon® BIOTECHNOLOGY

An integrated, easy-to-use, and cost-effective technology platform for the rapid handling and growth of large numbers of microbial strains, clonal libraries, mutant banks, and cell lines in 24 or 96-well microtiter plates.

The system enables a single person to grow and test thousands of strains simultaneously with a minimum of repetitive handlings: all handling is performed in parallel for sets of 24 or 96 strains.

More efficient use of your current orbital shaker: time savings up to a factor 10 possible.

  • Discovery: high-throughput screening for new enzyme activities or formation of secondary metabolites (heterogeneous culture collections)
  • Screening and distribution of clone libraries in E. coli or yeasts
  • High-throughput screening for high-activity or high-productivity mutants
  • Comparative studies e.g. clinical isolates
  • Growth medium optimization studies

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