Accelerated Oxygen Conditioning for Tissue / Cell Culture Media

Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn

The HypoxyCOOL System quickly and precisely reduces media oxygen concentration to target values while maintaining media sterility, temperature and pH. It is a protocol-driven and tested solution that helps to improve research results by eliminating media conditioning errors.

When used in conjunction with hypoxia workstations like Ruskinn’s Invivo or SCI-tive, HypoxyCOOL is part of a complete oxygen-regulated, closed-culture system, for relevant biological results: The reduction of oxygen concentration in cell culture media to defined low levels is a vital step to prevent oxidative cell stress in cells cultured or analyzed under hypoxic in vivo conditions. Using in vivo-like oxygen levels in culture media stabilizes cell cultures, increases cell yield and viability, and it helps to ensure that cells or tissue culture display reduced artificial gene expression. The usual pre-conditioning process (media placed in a workstation or incubator for several hours before inoculating cells) can lead to higher than expected dissolved O2 levels in media which may cause cellular behavior reflective of adaption to abnormal oxygen concentrations, rather than a study of the desired physiological level for that cell-based experiment.

For the reduction of O2 concentrations and efficient gas exchange, the HypoxyCOOL system cools and agitates up to nine 500ml bottles of media for a defined time period in a gas controlled atmosphere. The unit is programmed with a set of standard parameters (O2 and CO2 levels, temperature, shaker speed, and run time), and can be changed by the user via touchscreen controls. Time of conditioning and gas consumption will vary depending on volumes and desired O2 concentrations.

  • Reduction of O2 concentration to 0.5%-15%
  • Standard protocol and user-adaptable parameters
  • CO2 set point: 0%-10%
  • Conditional cycle: 30min - 16h
  • Capacity:  up to 9x 500ml bottles of media
  • Refrigeration: 2°C - 6°C
  • Shaker speed: 70rpm - 120rpm
  • Gas inlet: N2 und CO2

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