5-channel SPR device with Autosampler and analysis modules

Manufacturer: Biosensing Instrument

The new BI-4500 SPR system provides multiple channel flow modes and delivers high quality binding response for low immobilization and small molecule (<100 Da) detection. Equipped with BI-DirectFlowTM technology, the BI-4500 system integrates precision sample delivery with near-zero dispersion for fast kinetics and effective removal of various secondary effects. Its modular innovative design gives users with optimal flexibility to choose amongst various analysis modules for life science, electrochemistry, and sensing in liquid and gas phase SPR applications.

To achieve more user-friendly handling an Autosampler for sampling from up to 384-well plates is available. The latest evolution of the instrument is the option for a more advanced pump module, that provides an in-line degasser and a continuous buffer flow throughout the experiments. It even can automatically exchange buffers from up to 6 sources.


  • - High throughput with 5 channels and fully automated sampling
  • - High sensitivity to measure small molecules
  • - Precise sample delivery with BI-DirectFlowTM technology
  • - Innovative multi-module design for optimal flexibility
  • - User-friendly with autosampler and advanced pump module
  • - Cost effective solution
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