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Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn

I-CO2N2IC is a High Performance Gas Mixing System that can be used in conjunction with Baker Ruskinn Invivo2, Concept 400 M and Bugbox M workstations. It is available in two options, for hypoxic (standard build) and anaerobic applications (optional accessory).

Its simple touchscreen controls simplify the calibration process, provide rapid equalization and facilitate easy data downloads. The ICONIC uses up to 40% less nitrogen over the previous gas mixing technology and saves bench space, making it even more economical and flexible for your laboratory. ICONIC can be retrofitted to any Invivo2, Bugbox M or Concept 400 M where old Gas Mixer versions (Old style Gas Mixer or Gas Mixer Q) already exist.

  • ICONIC allows an accurate and stable control of user-defined oxygen and carbon dioxide for an optimal atmosphere in a workstation, using an easy-to-calibrate oxygen sensor or infrared measurement, respectably.
  • O2 control: from 0,0% (anoxia) to 23% in 0,1% increments
  • CO2 control: from 0,1 % to 30,0 % in 0,1 % increments
  • Economic minimal gas consumption with very low N2 consumption offering lower running costs
  • Rapid Equilibration - Faster chamber-to-setpoint equilibration time provides for more rapid atmosphere changes
  • Touch screen controls
  • USB Communications Port  - 30 days continuous storage of event log data (.csv format; one set of data/minute: date, time, O2/CO2 values)
  • O2 One Touch Calibration - Simplified calibration process - O2 sensor can be calibrated at any time by single touch menu command, even when workstation is in operation.
  • Cycle Programming - Allows a user-defined timed sequence of up to 4 different O2 and CO2 concentrations - ideal for conditioning, profiling episodic hypoxia and chronic hypoxia studies.
  • Designed to sit on top of a workstation thus freeing up valuable bench space

The new Gas Mixer Q allows hypoxic cycling by up to 4 different O2 and CO2 concentrations with user-defined sequences of time for advanced experiments simulating complex microaerophilic tissue conditions.
The Gas Mixer Q uses ordinary and cost-saving gases like nitrogen, compressed air, and carbon dioxide for mixing. Alternatively experiments free of oxygen under anoxic conditions can be performed using a 5% hydrogen-nitrogen gas mixture in combination with a palladium catalyst.

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