Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn


The new series of InvivO2 workstations gives you precise control over oxygen, CO2, temperature and humidity. Thus, they provide the best tool to mimic physiological culture conditions and to perform your experiments in a user-defined atmosphere.

Even the most complex cell interactions can be investigated under perfect conditions, no matter whether you would like to replicate the environment of blood vessels, lung tissue or the brain. 

The InvivO2 is refined to suit your specific needs and comprises numerous innovative features for a safe and comfortable workflow:

  • Internal HEPA filtration as standard in all models
  • Manufacturing by rotational moulding for a hygienic and seamless surface
  • Programming of up to 4 different O2/CO2 cycles for complex experiments
  • Removable (in < 10 sec) Pop-Off™ front cover for easy set-up and cleaning
  • Optical O2 sensor with up to 4 years’ durability and easy one-touch calibration
  • Precise control of the atmosphere via touch screen:
    • O2 from 0.1% to 23% in 0.1% increments
    • CO2 from 0.1% to 30% in 0.1% increments
    • Temperature up to 50°C in 0.1 °C increments; optional cooling system
    • Humidity control via Aquasorb packs or ultrasonic
  • Optional remote monitoring and control via App
  • Quick direct hands-in access through Ezee Sleeve™ system
  • Fastest interlock cycle (to 0% oxygen in 60 sec)

The InvivO2 can be tailored to your needs with many additional features and accessories.

New Modular Design

The InvivO2 workstations are available in three configurations

  1. InvivO2 with small interlock: Compact workstation ideal for your cell culture experiments
  2. InvivO2 with large interlock: Faster transfer of large number of material and culture flasks
  3. InvivO2 dual chamber: Two unique atmospheres simultaneously

The new, modular design of the InvivO2 allows to retrofit a larger interlock or to extend the workstation to a dual chamber later. Thereby, you are also prepared for your future challenges.


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