SCI-tive Hypoxia Workstation – „Lab in a box“ – large workstation for microaerophilic applications.

Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn

The SCI-tive Hypoxia workstation was designed to mimic in vitro conditions providing a continuous and stable hypoxic cell culture environment which eliminates cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxygen concentrations. The optimal environment for cell culture and translational research with user-defined oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity control provides biological relevant results yielding e.g. better stem cell lines.

Cell culture work, cell incubation and downstream analysis can be combined in one workstation; and with the SCI-tive, you can study even the most complex cell interactions under perfect hypoxic or anoxic conditions. The SCI-tive can easily accommodate a variety of analytical equipment like microscopes, cell imaging systems, or others (like Seahorse XF Analyzer), which helps to analyse and manipulate cells under perfect physiological conditions. An optional HEPA filtration system provides HEPA-filtered air within the work area to protect research from contaminants.

The SCI-tive is ideal for working with embryonic and adult stem cells, genetically modified cell lines, primary cells, embryos, and cancer cells, etc.

•    Large working capacity and interlock, optimal for cell culture work
•    Internal dimension (WxDxH): 1170 x 555 x 620 mm
•    Interlock capacity: up to 15x T75 Flasks
•    Interlock purging time: 60 seconds, manual front door

Accurate and stable environmental control:
•    O2 control: from 0,0% to 20,9% in 0,1% increments
•    CO2 control: from 0,0 % to 30,0 % in 0,1 % increments
•    Automatic Temperature control: from ambient +5°C to +45°C
•    Automatic Humidity control: from ambient to 85% RH
•    Advanced gas mixing system Q with O2 and CO2 sensors
•    O2 one touch calibration
•    Programming of up to 4 different O2/CO2-cycles
•    Minimum 30 days continuous storage of event log data

•    Quick and easy direct hand access within 20 seconds with Ezee Plug/ Ezee
      Sleeve gloveless cuffed system
•    Removable front cover with UV filter and three Ezee Plug/ Ezee Sleeve Ports
•    3 electrical power sockets within the work area
•    energy-saving fluorescent lighting for perfect illumination
•    Vacuum line port and cable gland port
•    2 “free flow” incubation racks
•    Optional HEPA filtration system provides HEPA-filtered air within the work
      area to protect research from contaminants
•    Optional enhanced containment package with exhaust HEPA filters and
      closed Hypalon-gloved sleeves, provides added protection for user
•    Optional user specific working area and front panel (for internal microscope
      systems or user specific instrument requirements)
•    Optional: Display at the internal back wall for digital microscopy

Additional accessories are available.

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