Invivo 300

Invivo 300 Hypoxia Workstation – compact workstation for microaerophilic applications

Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn

With Ruskinns Invivo 300 hypoxic chamber you can study even the most complex cell interactions under perfect hypoxic or anoxic conditions: The workstation provides accurate, stable, and user-defined oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity control, creating the optimal environment for cell culture and translational research.
The required O2 and CO2 concentrations are regulated and controlled by the advanced gas mixing system Q with it’s easy to use touch screen. It allows hypoxic cycling by up to 4 different gas concentrations with user-defined sequences of time for advanced experiments simulating complex microaerophilic tissue conditions. You can also run experiments free of oxygen under strict anoxic conditions.



•    Optimum working capacity using minimum bench space
•    Maximum capacity: 650x 96-well plates
•    Interlock capacity: up to 22x 96-well plates
•    Interlock purging time: 35 seconds, manual front door

Environmental control:

•    O2 control: from 0,0% to 20,9% in 0,1% increments
•    CO2 control: from 0,0 % to 30,0 % in 0,1 % increments
•    Temperature: from ambient +5°C to +45°C
•    Humidity control: from ambient to 85% RH
•    Economic minimal gas consumption
•    O2 one touch calibration
•    5 days continuous storage of event log data
•    Programming of up to 4 different O2/CO2-cycles



•    Direct-hand access using cuffed Ezee Sleeve system
•    Single Plate Entry System for cell culture plates (“Mailbox”)
•    Internal electrical power socket
•    Automatic humidity control
•    Illumination: fluorescent lamp and internal spot light

Additional accessories are available.

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