BioProfile® CDV#TM# Analyzer


Manufacturer: nova® biomedical

The CDV Analyzer is made for cell counting of samples from mammalian and inscet cell fermentation and cell culture. The measurement occurs as a photo optical trypan blue colorization method of a cell monolayer. Via a precision microscope with a camera and a digital imaging software the life and dead cells are recognized. The CDV Analyzer is essential for the monitoring of the cell growth. It is on the latest level of automation technology for research, development and production.

  • Fast measurement combined with high precision
  • Automated sample dilution
  • Pre dilution of the sample: 1:2 or 1:4
  • Automated cleaning with buffer and cleaning reagent solution in the night
  • Measurement range up to 80 Mio. cells per  ml.
  • Good differentiation of live cells and debris or artifacts 
  • Detection of single cells in aggregates
  • Enhanced mixing routines de-cluster aggregated cells
  • Automated Backup of data
  • caroussel for 12sample vials, any time to be loaded from outside
  • measurement time per sample 3 minutes (36 minutes per tray)
  • minor maintenance work


Measured parameters:Total cell count, life cell count, % viability, life cell diameter with deviation and histogram
Calculated growth parameter and diagram:Growth rate, cell doubling time, TIVCD (Total Integrated Viable Cell Density)
Measurement range cell count:1x10E5 - 80x10E6 Cells7ml
Measurement range life cell count:4 - 70 ?m
Sample volume per measurement:300 µl, 350 µl, to 500 µl in the sample vial
Dilution options:1:1, 1:2, 1:4
pictures per measurement:10 to 40
Data:Excel compatible and OPC compliant
Software:FDA registered, PAT compatible, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
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