Portable System for physoxic cell culture

Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn

OxyGenie is a potable low oxygen incubator for cell biology and plant research. Created to introduce researchers to low oxygen tissue culture, this small and cost effective system has the added benefit of portability, allowing the transfer of your cultures to the microscope, irradiation, or even a different laboratory without ever breaking the physoxia environment within. Your cell culture maintains that happy state.

The OxyGenie provides a continuous physiological oxygen (or hypoxic) environment for short term, temperature controlled studies. OxyGenie is ideal for conducting high resolution microscopy or irradiation under physiological oxygen conditions, further extending the time in which the cells can be exposed to in vivo-like cell growth conditions. OxyGenie is a key tool for use in proof-of-concept or start-up validation for physiological cell culture within your lab. Get results equivalent to research carried out with a full blown hypoxia workstation like the InvivO2 with the small and affordable OxyGenie system.

  • Portable physoxia/hypoxia conditions for up to 2 hours with the battery,and can be plugged into the mains and gas line, for continuous, isolated culture -  minimizing shared facility draw backs (space, contamination...)
  • Designed for high resolution live cell imaging with unbroken physoxia/hypoxia conditions.
  • Useful for shared facilities eg microscopy suites.
  • Ideal for research where cells are irradiated to induce cancer like conditions.
  • Ideal for short term hypoxia studies.
  • Great for any oxygen sensitive cell biology research.
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