RapidHIT® - Fast DNA typing for time-critical investigations

Manufacturer: Integenx

The RapidHIT® system allows the generation of STR-profiles for human identification in only 120 minutes - without the need for special scientific knowledge or further laboratory facilities. Particularly intended for use in law enforcement agencies, the fast generation of complete DNA-profiles can routinely be incorporated in investigation of serious crimes.
The technology of rapid DNA-analysis ("Rapdid DNA") has already been successfully used worldwide by renowned institutions. STR-profiles produced with the RapidHIT® system have also been uploaded in national and international DNA-databases and were applied as evidence used in court proceedings. Furthermore, the unit has been employed for the identification of victims in disaster areas. Because of the compact design of the system and its independence from other laboratory technology, it is transportable and suitable for use in the field operations (e.g. for police or military purposes).

Features and advantages:

  • Processing of the samples in about 120 minutes, no further laboratory required
  • 1 to 7 samples can be processed in parallel, preparation time only 3-5 min
  • Disposable cartridges contain all reagents required and facilitate disposal
  • Chip identification of consumables minimize any risk of mix-up or contamination of samples
  • Profile formats compatible with internationally used DNA databases
  • Ease of use, automatic processing
  • Suitable for human reference samples as well as crime scene samples

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