3M™ Petrifilm™ Aqua Count Plates

Manufacturer: 3M™



Aqua Plate

Petrifilm Aqua plates are sample-ready media that replace conventional agar, Petri dishes, media pads and disposable filter funnels used in the microbial testing of water.

Each plate contains a water-soluble gelling agent, nutrients and indicators in a dry, stable format. We offer four Petrifilm Aqua plates to cover your unique testing needs:

  • Heterotrophic Count
  • Coliform Count
  • Enterobacteriaceae Count
  • Yeast and Mould Count

Item numberDescriptionPackaging unit
6450Petrifilm Aqua Heterotrophic Count Plate2 x 50
6452Petrifilm Aqua Heterotrophic Count Plate20 x 50
6457Petrifilm Aqua Coliform Count Plate2 x 25
6458Petrifilm Aqua Coliform Count Plate40 x 25
6418Aqua Enterobacteriaceace2 x 25
6428Petrifilm Aqua Enterobacteriaceae Plate40 x 25
6408Petrifilm Aqua Yeast and Mold Plate2 x 50
6413Petrifilm Aqua Yeast and Mold Plate20 x 50
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