PhAST Blue

For Nucleic acids photo labeling

Manufacturer: GenIUL

The PhotoActivation System for Tubes - Phast - equipment neutralizes the DNA/RNA of dead organisms through the use of photoactivable intercalating reagents.  The samples treated with the system enable the detection of DNA/RNA from only the living cells by PCR, Flow Cytometry or Fluorescence Microscopy.

The Phast is thermally stable with a constant and uniform light dose. It allows simultaneous photo activation of 12 samples in a simple and efficient manner.
Phast combines high power LED with the proper optical alignment of the reaction tube to ensure the maximum efficiency in the binding of the reagent to DNA.
Phast allows optimizing photo labeling method by programming different parameters such as light intensities and photo-activation times.

In the detection and enumeration of microorganisms in clinical samples, environmental or food control by molecular biology techniques it crucial to differentiate live cells from dead cells.  The assessment and understanding of microbial reality may have large biases and alter our conclusions. The use of reagents will turn the applicability of genetic techniques and applications in many fields, including:

1.    Clinical Microbiology and infectious disease evolution.
2.    Pathogen Detection and health risk assessment of environmental and food
3.    Susceptibility studies: biocides, toxic, antibiotics.
4.    Microbial ecology.

900016000Ethidium Monoazide (EMA), 5mg (0,5mg x 10Flaschen)
900015000EMA, Packung mit 50 x mono dose microtubes
900015004EMA, Packung mit 4 x 50 mono dose microtubes
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