3M™ Sponge-Stick

3M sampling sponges come in wet or dry formats with and without gloves to fit many applications

Manufacturer: 3M™

The 3M™ Sponge-Stick allows sample without directly handling the sponge. It makes it easier to reach into drains, pipes and around equipment. Biocide free cellulose sponge maintains organism viability.

Key features

• Sample without directly handling the sponge
• Choose dry sponge or pre-hydrated with 10ml of solution
• Sponge snaps free from the handle
• Blue coloured handle for better visibility in the production area
• Thumb-stop discourages accidental contact with the sponge
• Biocide-free cellulose sponge maintains organism viability
• Available with or without sterile glove
• Write-on label printed on leak resistant sample bag
• Terminally sterilized by gamma irradiation
• One year shelf-life from date of manufacture
• Reaches high ceilings, down drains and around equipment
  with extendable pole

Now it is possible to sample a surface without directly holding a sponge.
The pre-hydrated sponge is attached to a sturdy blue handle, so making
it much easier to take samples around equipment, drains and ceilings.


• Improved handling increases efficiency
• Long handle reduces risk of contamination
• Increased productivity

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