Concept Range

The latest Series of Anaerobic and Microaerophilic Workstations

Manufacturer: Baker Ruskinn

The latest Concept range comes in a brand new, ergonomic design. It is the outcome of long-term collaboration with microbiologists worldwide and is built to give you the highest performance and convenience for anaerobic and microaerophilic conditions. This provides you with a maximum of security and efficiency for your microbial cultures to deliver precise and reliable results. 

The new series of workstations comprises four models with numerous, innovative features. Equipped with excellent hand access, rapid material transfer and variable capacities, they offer an ideal environment for your cultures:

Internal HEPA filtration as standard in all models (ISO class 4)

hygienic and seamless surface through rotational moulding process 

Removable (in < 10 sec) Pop-Off™ front screen without screws or clamps (optional)

Fast, direct hand access with Ezee Sleeve™ system

Real-time control of O2, temperature and humidity

Optical O2 sensor with up to 4 years’ durability and easy one-touch calibration

Improved humidity control through Aquasorb gel packs

Precise temperature control up to 45°C in 0.1 °C increments

Easy touchscreen control with alarm functions

Rapid interlock cycle (to 0% oxygen in 60 - 90 s)

Internal power sockets and single plate entry system

Monitoring and remote control via app (optional)

The Concept can be tailored to your specific demands with many additional features and accessories.

New Modular Design

The Concept workstations are available in four different configurations

1. Concept 400: with small interlock: ideal for mid-range workloads

2. Concept 500: with large interlock: rapid transfer of up to 70 plates at once

3. Concept 1000: dual chamber: for large workloads or two different atmospheres

4. Concept 400M: additional gas mixing function for microaerophilic environments

The new, modular design of the Concept allows to retrofit a larger interlock or to extend the workstation to a dual chamber later. Thereby, you are prepared for your future challenges.

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