Bioprofile Flex

Multi-Module Analyzer for fermentation monitoring, Basic unit

Manufacturer: nova® biomedical

The BioProfile FLEX measures in short time out of a native sample a multitude of biochemical vital parameters from mammalian or insect cell fermentations:

Glucose, lactate, glutamine, glutamate, ammonium ions, potassium ions, sodium ions, calcium ions, pO2, pCO2, pH.

Further parameters are calculated out of the measured data: e.g. the air (oxygen) and CO2 saturation. The measurements are carried parallel and simultaneous out of 1 ml sample. The samples can be measured manually or out of a tray (Eppendorf-Cups). The costs and working time for process analytics are optimized by multi-analytics.

Additional can the optional Flex modules for the osmolality, for photometric parameter like the IgG level, the phosphate concentration or fir the cell count/viability expand the pallet of options to a max number of up 16 vital parameter, which can be measured the same time in one only analyzer in 6 minutes. The optional Online-Module facilitates the sampling automation of the process monitoring 24 hours a day. (see: OSMO-, CDCV-, PHOTO-, Online-Module).

The system software is Rule 21, part 11 compliant. The analysis data are collected, provided and archived professional. Via an OPC-Server the data can be transferred in time to process controllers.

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