Cell control system

Manufacturer: XCell Biosciences

You control your primary cells. Not the other way around.

  • Cardiomyocyte and neuronal development
  • Long-term propagation of primary tumor cells
  • Novel target discovery and drug screening
  • Efficient transfection and expansion of primary cells
  • Enrichment of macrophages
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  • Avatar™

    The AVATAR™ Cell Control System lets you generate your cells of interest in a microenvironment array and optimize to a growth rate, functional activity or phenotypic change of interest. You’ll also be able to transfect cells with better efficiency, expand them faster and derive just the cells you need, exactly when you need them.


    • Increase transfection efficiency up to 5X with high cell viability — even with difficult to transfect cells
    • Expand challenging cell types easily and reproducibly for a broad range of primary cells — and cut reagent costs in the process
    • Target the cell population you want — tune your cell’s microenvironment to control differentiation or maintain current state reliably and precisely
    • Work with immune cells, stem cells, tumor cells, organoids and even rare, precious cells you’ve never been able to expand before

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