BIO X 3D Bioprinter

3D Bioprinting of living cells and "bioinks"

Manufacturer: Cellink AB

The BIO X bioprinter is the newest generation of 3D bioprinters from Cellink AB and allows the high precision embedding of living cells into a tissue-like 3D matrix. Owing to its interchangeable printheads and a temperature-controlled printbed, this stand-alone product offers an unparalleled flexibility for the use of various materials.

  • Triple exchangeable printheads
  • Temperature-controlled printbed
  • UV curing system for bioink crosslinking
  • HEPA air filtration and UV sterilizaiton
  • User friendly, touchscreen interface
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  • BIO X 3D Bioprinter

    Cellink's BIO X is currently revolutionizing the world of science. With its integrated Neocortex M1 computer system coupled to HeartOS, it offers users a user-friendly, touchscreen-supported interface to print complicated structures and tissues in the shortest possible time. As a stand-alone device with built-in HEPA air filtration and UV LEDs, it provides a sterile working environment. Together with three interchangeable print heads and a temperature-controlled print bed, the BIO X offers a high degree of flexibility in processing a wide range of materials and bio inks. The so-called "snap-on" device allows an easy and quick change to other print heads, which include coolable and heatable syringe pump and pneumatic print heads, as well as print tools such as the HD Camera. With the BIO X, a resolution of 2 micrometers can be achieved with a minimum print resolution of 5 nanoliters.

    Technical data

    Printer technology: Syringe print head, InkJet, Pneumatic
    Multi-printheads: 3 (interchangeable)
    Automatic calibration: Yes
    Exchangeable print heads: Yes
    Exchangeable toolheads: Yes
    Heated printheads: Yes
    Cooled printheads: Yes
    Clean chamber technology: HEPA H13 filter
    Printbed temperature control: Yes
    Interface: TouchScreen, USB
    Air supply: Internal or external
    Build volume, mm: 130x90x70
    Outer demensions (W,D,H), (mm): 441x355x475
    Connectivity: USB-Stick, USB
    UV crosslinking system: 365 nm, 405 nm, (other available upon request)
    XYZ resolution: 2 µm

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