Propor TFF hollow fibre filter

Propor TFF hollow fibre filter

Proport TFF hollow fibre cross flow filter

Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin

Propor TFF hollow fibre cross flow filters are hollow fibre filters based on the principle of tangential flow filtration intended for use in microfiltration and ultrafiltration processes.

  • Ready-to-use and self-contained cross flow filter
  • Plug and play: connect, use, discard
  • High flux, low fouling modified PES membrane
  • Single-use, re-use and autoclavable
  • Reduced batch-to-batch contamination
  • Fully scaleable
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  • Propor TFF hollow fibre filter

    Propor TFF hollow fibre cross flow filters are specifically designed for microfiltration (post-centrifugation clearance, cell recovery, inclusion body processing, E. Coli lysate clarification, clarification of mammalian cell cultures) and ultrafiltration (vaccine purification and clearance, recombinant protein concentration and diafiltration). These glycerin-free, ready-to-use, robust filters are available as autoclavable, single-use or re-use filters for scaleable sample volumes between 10 ml and >300 l. The filter membranes are manufactured with modified polyethersulphone (PES) with low binding characteristics, thereby preventing fouling and maximizing throughput, halflife and yield. The membrane area is scaleable from 18 cm2 up to 10mm2. Due to extremely narrow porosity specifications during manufacturing bioprocess variability is reduced and product quality is increased.

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