CXT 353

CXT 353

Frozen Sample Aliquotter

Manufacturer: Basque Engineering and Science

The CXT 353 is a semi-automated benchtop device for sampling of frozen material. The platform can process liquids, feces and also tissue. The sample is always kept below -80°C to preserve the integrity of delicate compunds and structures.

  • Frozen sample aliquotting
  • Maintains sample integrity
  • Compatible with numerous sample vessels
  • For liquids, feces, tissue
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  • CXT 353

    The CXT 353 takes aliquots from frozen sample material using a hollow probe head. This way, you can access even rare or delicate samples multiple times. By avoiding damaging freeze-thaw cycles, the properties of the sample are conserved, leading to a much increased reproducibility in subsequent analysis.

    The sample is constantly chilled by liquid nitrogen throughout the process. Different adapters allow you to use the CXT 353 with a diverse range of sample vessels. Special tissue cassettes enable a pinpoint extraction of the targeted area. The use of single-use probes eliminates any risk of sample carryover.

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