BioFlux™ 1000Z

Live cell assays under shear flow

Manufacturer: Fluxion Biosciences

The BF1000 has been developed to perform flow-based assays automatically at high throughput rates. The BF1000Z consists of the BioFlux controller and a Zeiss microscope. The screw cap of the BioFlux Interface has been replaced by a faster clip cap on the BF1000Z and there is a comprehensive integrated flow control and analysis package.

  • Up to 96 flow experiments in parallel
  • Precise shear force control (0.2 - 200 dyne)
  • Pulsative flow up to 75 x / min
  • Including Zeiss microscope with individual equipment
  • Software for automatic flow control and automatic image evaluation
  • Applications: Platelet aggregation, biofilm, cell adhesion...
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  • BioFlux™ 1000Z

    The BioFlux™ 1000 system is designed for automated live cell imaging analysis under physiological and pathophysiological flow conditions (from 0.2 - 200dyne). The applications are versatile and range from analysis of platelet aggregation, cell adhesion, migration, transmigration, wound healing, stem cell differentiation to biofilm analysis, inhibition studies and host-pathogen interactions. 
    The use of microtiter plates with integrated microfluidics combines the simplicity and high throughput of corrugated plates with the quality and relevance of flow experiments. Thus it is possible to perform up to 96 live cell assays under controlled flow conditions in parallel. In order to ensure the best possible optical properties, the bottom of the microtiter plates is made of optical glass. Furthermore, the BioFlux1000 instrument consists of the classic BioFlux instrument together with an automatic inverse Zeis microscope. Both systems are optimally matched to each other. This enables faster sample and experiment setup and automated data analysis. This allows fast and reproducible experiments even with high sample volumes and sensitive samples.

    Technical data

    Mikroscope: Zeis Z1 - individually equipped
    Microtiterplate: SBS Standard, sterile, with PDMS channels and glass bottom
    Software: Montage, combines Flow and Microscope control and Data analysis
    Microtiter plate format: 6-well for up to 3 experiments (1 inputs / channel) 24-well for up to 8 experiments (2 inputs / channel) 48-well for up to 24 experiments (1 input / channel)
    Flow control : 0.2 - 200dyne
    Temperature control: RT + 50°C
    Dimension observation channel: 350µm x 70µm (w x h)
    BioFlux Controler dimension: 30x33x23 cm
    Weight Bioflux Controler: approx. 17kg
    Throughput : Up to 24 experiments in parallel with adapter up to 96 experiments

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