Bioreactor with biaxial rotation for Tissue Engineering

Manufacturer: Quinxell Technologies Pte Ltd

The TisXell bioreactor is designed for the cultivation of tissues. The cultivation chamber allows a biaxial rotation which ensures a homogeneous mixture. The rotations of the swinging arm and of the chamber can be controlled separately which enables different process types.
A versatile holder inside of the chamber allows the usage of a large variety of tissue and scaffold types.
The spherical design of the chamber supports a homogeneous distribution of the cell culture media. 3D constructs will be perfused evenly and steadily. The system allows a perfusion mode with variable flow rates which guarantees the constant supply with nutrients. A media reservoir equipped with sensors for pH and dissolved oxygen is available as an optional add-on.



  • Process types: biaxial, uniaxial and swinging
  • Swinging arm rotation: 1 -12 rpm
  • Chamber rotation: 1 – 35 rpm
  • Cultivation chambers available in sizes of  50 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml
  • Flow rates for perfusion: 3 – 500 ml/min
  • Gas exchange via “Oxygenator Column”
  • Control via intuitive touchscreen
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