CXT 353 Frozen Sample Aliquotter

Manufacturer: Basque Engineering and Science

CryoXtract’s patented frozen coring technology fills a critical gap in maintaining the quality and integrity of valuable and sensitive biological samples. The CXT 353 enables you to extract aliquots from frozen samples without having to thaw the material. The parent samples and the aliquot are kept below – 80°C by liquid nitrogen cooling during the whole extraction process. This eliminates any impairment of labile molecules caused by freeze/thaw cycles. 
The single-use coring probes can aliquot bioliquids (serum, blood, etc.), feces or tissues in small amounts. You thereby have the possibility to distribute sample material to other labs, re-analyze samples later or target specific sample areas. Frozen aliquotting prevents degradation of labile biomarkers and molecules and thus improves the quality and reproducibility of your scientific data. 
The CXT 353 Frozen Aliquotter offers numerous benefits in many areas of application:

Microbiome Research: 

  • Reduce feces handling
  • Maintain the microbial profile by preventing freeze/thaw cycles
  • Increase consistency of aliquots compared to thawing the whole sample
  • Facilitate extraction of DNA/RNA or proteins from single aliquots
  • Increase sample utilization by distribution of frozen aliquots 


  • Analyze labile drug compounds by sample access without thawing
  • Improve quality of DMPK and ADME/Tox testing
  • Improve results from ISR tests by increased reproducibility
  • Enable pre-analytical QC of sample material by testing aliquots 

Molecular Pathology:

  • Study specific tissue features by precise extraction of targeted regions
  • Improve safety and consistency by automated tissue extraction
  • Access rare and valuable material by maintaining the parent sample


  • Preserve sample integrity and enable QC of samples (by RNA or metabolome analysis)
  • Enable pre-analytical tests of RNA/DNA quality of sample material
  • Process multiple sample types (serum, plasma, blood, feces, bone, tissue…) 

At a Glance 

  • Semi-automated benchtop instrument for frozen aliquotting of sample material
  • Process numerous sample types: tissue, feces, bioliquids, etc.
  • LN2 chilling to -80°C to -150°C throughout the whole process
  • Compatible with a large variety of sample tubes (2ml cryovials, 15 ml / 50 ml conical tubes, tissue mounts, etc.); customized tube adapters are also available
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