Surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy on whole cells

Fabricant : Biosensing Instrument

The SPRm200 integrates optical microscopy and SPR and is a powerful technique for measuring binding activities of membrane proteins in situ. Measurements start where other technologies have already failed.

  • Measurements of binding kinetics and affinity on whole cells
  • Quantitative mapping and visualization of binding activities in real time
  • Realistic binding kinetics, even with small molecules
  • No need to isolate and purify ligands
  • Measure biding kinetics on cells under pathological conditions
  • Optional with autosampler and automatic buffer exchange and degasing pump
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  • SPRm200

    The SPRm 200 system opens a new frontier in the study of molecular interactions by integrating optical microscopy with Surface Plasmon Resonance technology. Designed especially for in situ, label-free measurement of binding activity and cell kinetics, SPRm 200 provides a spatial visualization of cellular structures together with local binding activities. A light condenser illuminates the cell grown on the sensor surface, and the optical microscope camera captures the bright field image of the cells. Simultaneously, the SPR light source projects a beam at its resonance angle onto the sensor and the reflected beam is collected by the SPRM detector. The detector measures the SPR response at each pixel and maps them into a SPR image. At every pixel, a sensorgram is recorded, thus providing much more localized information. The SPRm200 makes it possible to study heterogeneous surface binding and interactions of membrane proteins in their native states or in a pathophysiological background without needing to extract proteins from the cell. With its outstanding sensitivity and stability, SPRm 200 is also able to measure binding activities of bacteria and virus interactions and enables development of new methods for nanoparticle drug delivery.

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