Automated TFF Purification System for Pilot Plant and Small Scale Production Parker SciLog

Manufacturer: Parker Hannifin

Semi-manual to fully-automated operation makes tech transfer seamless and accommodates existing processes. The Open Architecture’ design allows you to use any manufacturer’s filters.

The SciPure® system’s user-friendly interface and menu-driven operation with data acquisition (21 CFR Part 11) make them ideal for GMP manufacturing. Systems come with a comprehensive documentation package that drastically reduces validation times

  • Patented, software driven fluid handling platform provides exceptional TFF performance.
  • Reliable, walk away system performance, safe TFF operation with user defined alarms.
  • Improved TFF efficiency and increased yield with automated pressure and flow rate control.
  • Complete control of trans?membrane pressure (TMP) provides adaptive TFF at high protein concentration.
  • Maintain optimal TFF conditions with user?programmable flow rate and pressure scans.
  • On the fly changes of pressure and/or flow rates permit easy TFF method development.
  • Increase productivity with automated quantitative permeate collection and documentation.
  • Constant weight diafiltration: automated exchange buffer addition.
  • Operational limit alarms: constant monitoring of alarm conditions and parameters.

System Specifications

SciPure® 200

  • Recirculation Pump Rate, max: 15 or 23 L/min
  • Recirculation Pump Rate, min: 0.75 or 1.2 L/min
  • Pump Pressure, max: 60 psi
  • Feed Connections: 1/2"TC or 3/4"TC
  • Retentate Connection: 1/2"TC or 3/4"TC
  • Permeate Connection: 1/2"TC or 3/4"TC
  • System Hold -up Volume: 0.7 to 2.0 L
  • System Footprint: 30" x 36"

SciPure® 300 

  • Recirculation Pump Rate, max: 60 L/min
  • Recirculation Pump Rate, min: 3 L/min
  • Pump Pressure, max: 60 psi
  • Feed Connections: 1.0"TC
  • Retentate Connection: 1.0"TC
  • Permeate Connection: 3/4"TC
  • System Hold -up Volume: 2.0 to 6.0 L
  • System Footprint: 36" x 60"

SciPure® 400

  • Recirculation Pump Rate, max: 120 L/min
  • Recirculation Pump Rate, min: 6 L/min
  • Pump Pressure, max: 60 psi
  • Feed Connections: 1.5"TC
  • Retentate Connection: 1.5" TC
  • Permeate Connection: 1.0" TC
  • System Hold -up Volume: 6.0 to 8.0 L
  • System Footprint: 36" x 60"
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