One Shot

High pressure cell disruption for micro volumes

Manufacturer: Constant Systems Ltd.

The bench-top model One-shot from Constant Systems homogenizes cell suspensions with the principle of high pressure relief (known as French-Press-principle). In a free selectable pressure range up to 2700 bar (40 KPSI) all kind of cell suspensions, pellets and humid tissue processed: bacteria, yeast, algae, mammalian and insect cells, fungus etc.. This model is designed for small sample volume in research and analytics.

  • Defined conditions: controlled pressure increase and preservation by patented hydraulics
  • Sample volume per shot: 1 – 8 ml
  • Dead volume: 100 µl
  • Cooling of product through precooled, solid steel components
  • Good usage in  walk-in refrigerator room (T>0°C)
  • Robust technology with limited maintenance needs
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