FLEX Online Module – Automated sampling and analysis

Sampling Module for cell containing fermentation samples

Manufacturer: nova® biomedical

The FLEX Online module connects bioreactors with the BioProfile FLEX Analyzer. It facilitates the direct, automated sampling and the transfer of the sampled liquid in a few minutes to the Analyser. 

From up to 10 vessels the samples can be drawn and transferred sequential to the Flex Analyzer for measurement. In doing so a defined sample volume which is independent from the length of the sample line is drawn. The dead volume lies beyond one milliliter. From the alternative cell free or cell containing sampling up to the reporting of the results of up to 16 parameters (see Flex-Analyzer) pass by about 10 to 18 minutes depending upon the drawn volume. The drawn volume per measurement can be chosen between 5 and 10 ml. 

The module works automated, gas tied and free of contamination. It protects the vessel from a potential contamination with low pressure in the lines  and regular disinfection steps. 

The sampler SRCS (Sample Retain Collection System) completes the online technology of the FLEX Analyzer reasonably. Sample vials of different sizes can be used here for the collection of retaining samples. In up to 68 small (15 ml) or 20 bigger vials (50 ml) volumes can be filled between 0,1 ml and 50 ml. The vials are constantly tempered (3°C – 30°C). 

  • Automated measurements around the clock and on the weekend  
  • Free configurable sampling conditions and timing intervals 
  • Each of the 10 vessel connections can be programmed different and individual
  • Sample volume range: 5 to 20 ml (optimum: 7,5 ml)
  • Flow rate choice: slowly, medium, fast 
  • Options for the line length to the vessels: 2 m, 3 m, 6 m
  • Configuration und control via the FLEX system software
  • Higher standardized sampling and analysis

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