FISP Cell-Free sampling probe

Cell-free sampling probes

Manufacturer: Flownamics Analytical Instruments Inc.

The FISP probes allow the drawing of cell free samples out of bioreactors and vessels from lab scale up to production size. They are offered as well for head plate connection (19 and 14 mm) as well as Ingold side ports (19 and  25 mm).Reusable, micro porous membranes made of ceramic (pore size: 0,2 µm) hold back cells reliable. 

  • Applicable as well for microbial fermentation as well for cell culture  
  • The separation provides a sample ready for analysis in a FIA, HPLC or biochemical analyzer
  • High contamination security  from abstinence of bypass installations
  • Minimal dead volume from 0.19 to 0.44 ml depending on the model
  • Flow rate: about  2 ml/min
  • Material: 316 stainless steel, ceramic, EPDM, PEEK
  • Optional part for the automated sampling module SegFlow 
  • External connection: optional Luer-Lock (f) or 10-32 connection
  • Easy handling, cleaning, maintenance 
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