BioProfile® 100Plus

Multi-sensor analysis system

Manufacturer: nova® biomedical

Multi-sensor analysis system
The BioProfile® 100Plus measures fast and cost effective metabolites and vital parameter out of native cell media samples. The measurement takes place on all sensors the same time.
Samples from the fermentation of mammalian/human cells and insect cells, from bioreactors or cell culture and pure medium are all compatible. The system serves for the fast monitoring of important vital parameters during growth processes and for the control of fresh medium. The measurment ranges (biosensors and ISE) are optimized for this purpose. The sample liquid from suspensions can be cell containing or cell free.

•    Sample volume per measurement: 0,5 ml
•    Analysis time per sample for all parameters: max. 3 min
•    Auto-Calibration: fully automated 2-point cal., 1-point cal. with every sample
•    Always ready for measurement
•    Self-control of drifts
•    Sample tray for up to 40 vials (Eppendorf cups) or manual mode
•    Analysis cost are low priced compared to measurement on single units The biochemical analyzer BioProfile 100Plus is adapted to and can be used with the SegFlow 4800 Online sampler for automated sampling and analysis.

ParameterMehodMeasurement range
Glucosebiosensor0,2 - 15,0 g/L
Lactatebiosensor0,2 - 5,0 g/L
Glutaminebiosensor0,2 - 6,0 mmol/L
Glutamatebiosensor0,2 - 6,0 mmol/L
Ammonia ionsISE0,2 - 25,0 mmol/L
Sodium ionsISE40 - 220 mmol/L
Potassium ionsISE1,0 - 25,0 mmol/L
pHISE5,00 - 8,00
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