SegFlow 4800

Universal Online sampling system for fermentation samples

Manufacturer: Flownamics Analytical Instruments Inc.

The automatic sampling system model SegFlow 4800® draws samples 24 h/7d from a vessel or bioreactor and sends them to a sampling station or an analyzer.
The samples may contain as well mammalian/insect cells, as well as microbial cells or other organisms. Because of the tubing material samples from biofuel processes are not compatible – see: Modell SegFlow 8000i®. The Seg-Flow 4800® has between 1 and 8 vessel connections. The sample can be cell-free or contain cells and it has nowhere contact with the system, because the flow path is 100% single-use materials: a removable, sterile tubing set. The flow rate and the sample volume between 0.5 and 50 ml is chosen by the user. The sampling takes between 10 and 20 minutes.
The sampled fluid can bedistributed to up to 4 sample taking devices: biochemical Analyzer e.g.: FLEX® and BioProfile® Multianalyzer (Nova Biomedical), YSI® 2950/2900/2700/7100, but also trypan blue Cell-Counter like the FLEX® with CDCV Module (Nova Biomedical), the CEDEX® HiRes (Roche Diagnostics) and the ViCell® (Beckman-Coulter). There’s also available a connection to Aglient Infinity® 1200 HPLC/UHPLC or Waters UPLC Type B and for the sample collection system modell FlowFraction® from Flownamics (see: FlowFraction® 100 or 400).
The system can serve individual needs, e.g. using the optional Reaction Module, the native sample can be mixed or diluted precisely before it’s transferred to the fraction collector or an analytical device.
If one needs feed-back functions, one can control up to 2 pumps per vessel with the SegFlow®.
Via OPC Server the measured data from an analyzer can be transferred to a SCADA bioprocess management system. Also the Seg-Flow 4800® system can be configured to be remotely controlled by an external SCADA or other bioprocess management system. This remote control function allows the Seg-Flow system to perform automated sampling and analysis during planned or unplanned process events (Trigger Sampling).

  • Segmented sampling with low loss because of a small dead volume (about 1 ml)
  • New: Sterile tubing set with a connection to a NovaSeptum®AV system (Merck Millipore)
  • Optional FISP probes: cell free samples and an additional sterile barrier
  • Option for Web-Control of the system status
  • Data Monitoring in Excel format
  • Economical consumption of disinfectant and cleaning agent

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