Bioink and Consumables for 3D Printers

"Bioink” for 3D printing with live cells

Manufacturer: Cellink AB

3D bioprinting is revolutionizing the field of tissue engineering. Still, a challenge is to find a matrix that mimics the environment of human tissues and additionally provides a good printability.Offering a solution, Cellink has developed bioinks that can be utilized for 3D bioprinting of cell-loaded constructs. These modified hydrogels offer suitable temporary support while cells produce their own extracellular matrix. Depending on printing-protocol and cell type, we can offer a number of bioink types, all of which have been optimised for use with the Cellink 3D bioprinters. These bioinks are compatible with most other printer solutions.Additionally, special cell-mixers and printing-nozzles are available which increase cell survival during preparation and printing processes. 
- Bioinks providing cells with substrate that resembles the natural matrix- Excellent printability- Optimised for cartilage, skin, bone, muscle and MSCs applications  - Sacrificial material available - Curing via supplied crosslinking agent or UV light- Sterile and ready-to-use - 3mL and 10mL cartridges - Suitable printing-nozzles and cell-mixer available 

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