NyONE cell imager

Manufacturer: SynenTec GmbH

Key Features

The NyONE is a fully automated cell imager designed to simplify the screening, detection and classification of cells as an integral step of your research, development and production process.

  • Run a complete scan of a 96-well microplate in about 5 minutes
  • Perform automated high-quality image analysis in parallel with image acquisition
  • Bright field illumination and detection
  • Ultrafast electronic switched excitation sources – less than 5ms switching time
  • Six high dynamic fluorescence detection channels 
  • Achieve extraordinary image quality using specifically designed optic and laser autofocus mechanisms
  • Intuitive workflow to setup your experiment
  • Ultrafast filter wheel – 40ms position changing time. Well suited for FRET assays
  • Use the flexibility of automated image analysis to improve the handling of your cellular assays


  • Single Cell Cloning
  • Fluorescence activated single cell cloning
  • Trypan blue suspension cell counting
  • Live/dead assay
  • Monitoring colony growth
  • Monitoring cell confluence 
  • Cell nuclei count and characterization
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Transfection efficiency

The NyONE comprises all the advantages of a high-end plate-imager into a small footprint for a reasonable price. Cell research & development is subject to a high diversity of applications. Some of these applications require bright field only, where others use additionally fluorescence for analysis (e.g. co-transfected GFP). The NyONE Software-Suite is designed to handle all these requirements whether it is a standard assay or a new approach. With NyONE’s multi-parameter readout you will get all the relevant information for answering your questions.

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