BioFlux™ 1000

Manufacturer: Fluxion Biosciences

The Bioflux 1000 allows the investigation of all application mentioned in the BioFlux 200 description in an automated way.


  • BioFlux Controller and fast Well Plate Interface
  • High resolution inverted microscope
  • Automated stage
  • Automated fluorescence module
  • Autofocus module
  • High resolution CCD Camera
  • PC Workstation
  • Professional software for microscope control and analyse
  • Additional options: environmental control, vibration isolation table

Many physiological processes take place under flow conditions: Blood flowing through the vasculature; cancer cells circulating throughout the body; plaque forming on teeth under the presence of saliva flow. It is now well established that physiological flow has a profound impact on many biological studies, yet a lot of research is still studied in vitro without the presence of flow. The BioFlux System gives you the ability to introduce flow to your research and drug discovery experiments effectively simulating in vivo conditions and getting closer to understanding what’s happening under more physiological conditions.

Offering the physiological relevance of laminar flow chambers with the throughput and convenience of standard well plates, BioFlux systems have many features and benefits including:

•    High Speed: With automated experimental control, multiplexing up to 96 
      simultaneous experiments, and sophisticated data analysis software   
      simplifying and accelerating complex functional assays, large projects can 
      be effectively reduced from months to days. 
•    High Quality: Glass bottom plates with superior image quality from 
      microscopes and high content imagers provide unparalleled image quality. 
•    Simple to Use: Well plate microfluidic design improve reliability and 
      reproducibility while enabling precise control of critical parameters.
•    Modular Design: A BioFlux system can be added to any existing inverted 
      microscope setup instantly expanding its capabilities.


Vascular Biology

  • Platelets experiments
  • In vitro atherosclerosis models
  • Efects of shear stress on plaque stability 
  • Leucocyte migration
  • Leucocyte rolling, adhesion, transmigration…

Cellular Biology

  • Stemcell differentiation
  • Wound healing
  • Cell migration
  • Chemotaxis 
  • cellcycle and apoptosis
  • cell viability 


  • adhesion of tumor cells to endothelia cells 
  • cell rolling
  • cell adhesion
  • Chemokine activation
  • Cell migration during inflamatory processes


  • Morphology from biofilms
  • biofilms inhibition studies
  • biofilm from mixt cultures 
  • Host-Pathogen interaction
  • antimicrobial dose response 
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