Miniature Live-Cell Microscopy - finding space even in crowded cell-culture incubators

Manufacturer: Iprasense

The lens-free design of the Cytonote® enables long-term recordings of living cells without need for adjusting focus or brightness - while occupying minimal space in the incubator (footprint only 12cm x 11cm). Due to the extremely wide field of view of about 30 mm², hundreds and thousands of cells can be observed simultaneously, enabling the acquisition of cellular parameters with high statistical relevance. The technology is compatible with all standard cell culture materials (Petri dishes, T-flasks, slides and more. Furthermore, the Cytonote® shows a high vibration resistance, ensuring stable picture quality even for long-term live-cell imaging.

The Cytonote® system is ideal for applications like:

  • cell-proliferation
  • cell-migration and chemotaxis analyses 
  • scratch assays / wound healing studies
  • stem cell research
  • angiogenesis / studies on blood vessel formation

The software includes, among other features:

  • automated cell counting
  • confluence analyses
  • display of growth curves
  • image export functions 
  • creation of time-lapse movies
  • allows to control up to six devices from a single computer
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