System for single-cell analysis

Manufacturer: Sphere Fluidics

The Cyto-Mine® is the ideal tool for discovery and cell line development.Cyto-Mine® is a platform for the screening and dispensing of single cells from a cell suspension. In the process single cells (B cells, hybridoma cells or CHOs) from a cell suspension are separated and incubated in picodroplets. The encapsulation of the single cells in these picodroplets allows the quantification of secreted proteins, e.g. monoclonal antibodies, of each individual cell using FRET-analysis.This platform allows you to screen, sort and dispense >1x106 cells within 8 hours. Time-consuming and error-prone procedures, such as limiting dilution and colony picking, are eliminated. Single cell status and monoclonality are ensured by built-in imaging.With the Cyto-Mine®, you can find the clones that work best for you within a few hours instead of spending several weeks. This significantly reduces the time until the first run in the bioreactor.

  • Suitable for screening of B-cells, hybridoma cells and CHOs
  • Measurement of secreted protein of each individual cell using FRET-analysis
  • Fast screen of >1x106 cells / 8h
  • Sorting and dispensing of suitable candidates in 96- or 384-well plates
  • Ensure monoclonality through imaging
  • Approx. 30-50% time savings until the first run in the bioreactor
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