Whitley A85 Workstation

Manufacturer: Don Whitley Scientific Ltd

Main features

The Whitley A85 is used when there is a need to easily process, incubate and examine samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. This anaerobic workstation has a large, 30 litre airlock and accommodates up to 700 x 90mm plates. The A85 Tissue can include a refrigeration unit should you want to manipulate samples and incubate cultures at low temperatures.


  • The airlock, with powered internal door, provides effective sample and equipment transfer in the fastest possible time whilst ensuring the minimum amount of oxygen is introduced into the chamber
  • Oval glove ports enable you to work comfortably, gloved or bare handed. Each gloveport also acts as a mini-airlock so you can transfer up to 10 plates through each as you insert or withdraw your arms
  • Dual gas operation to minimise running costs
  • A colour, touch-screen control panel for ease of use and for visual display of parameters such as temperature, humidity, and airlock cycle status
  • Includes automatic commissioning cycle to save you time and resources
  • Tissue culture incubator options include an integrated Anaerobic Conditions Monitor with data download facility

Need to reduce costs to a minimum? Ask us about the Whitley A85TG Workstation, which runs from separate cylinders of N2, H2 and CO2

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