Serial Dilution System

Manufacturer: iNLABTEC AG


Sample dilution is faster and easier than with test tubes

Directly visible volume adjustment

  • Automatic addition and mixing of diluent and sample
  • Sensor monitoring of addition and mixing as well as liquid level
  • Compact benchtop footprint
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Very simple operation
  • High build quality delivers long term reliable operation - icon Swiss Swiss Made

Directly visible volume adjustment

Volume setting is straightforward – simply place the sensor alongside the scale of the pipette at the required volume. The aspirated volume is checked by a quick look at the meniscus of the column of liquid. The high precision of the optical infrared sensor allows dispensing with an accuracy of app. 30 µl corresponding to app. 0.03% for 9 ml. The Serial Diluter works with standard glass or plastic pipettes.

Ergonomic design and efficient operation

To perform a serial dilution the dosing arm is swiveled forward from its parked position to connect the dispensing nozzle to the pipette tip containing the sample followed by pressing the start button. In the parked position - a protective sleeve protects the dispensing nozzle against contamination. If not in use for a longer period of time or overnight, the dispensing nozzle can also be immersed in 70% ethanol in this position. As a result the sterility of the system is completely maintained over time and the Serial Diluter is therefore ready in no time if once installed.

Simple serial dilution bag opening and closing

The side opening of the serial diluter allows quick and easy insertion of up to 6 bags. A single, simple hand operation speeds the opening of inserted bags. To facilitate liquid handling - pipette tips are able to directly penetrate through the separate addition and removal ports of the bag. After pulling the tip out of the bag the port closes again to prevent accidental contamination.

Simpler and clearer work process

Automatic mixing and dilution. A pressure sensor monitors the dispensing of the diluent. After the completed delivery of the diluent (9ml) - a sterile air blast of defined length causes a sudden change of the rotational direction of the mixing sample within the bag. This results in perfect mixing and dilution of the sample eliminating the need for operator to perform manual vortex mixing. The dilution process has been successfully validated by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) with financial support from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

High Swiss build quality delivers long term reliable operation

All mechanical parts of the Inlabtec Serial Diluter, as well as the electronic control system, were developed and are manufactured in Switzerland. The instrument is built according to the highest quality standards and is designed for long reliable operation.

Minimal benchtop footprint / Easy installation and cleaning

The compact dispenser unit has the footprint of only a vortex-mixer. The iNLABTEC bag holder has the size of a mid-sized test tube rack.  Set-up of these easy-to-use units is minimal meaning that you are almost instantaneously operational. The air for uptake and blow out of liquids flows through an easily accessible sterile filter to guarantee sterility of the system. The autoclavable silicone tubes and pipette can be installed and dismounted easily and quickly. Liquids never come in direct contact with the Serial Diluter and the liquid level is constantly monitored by the sensor.

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