Sensorturn - sensor-controlled turntable for Petri dishes

Turntable for Petri Dishes


The touch-free IR-Sensor technology guarantees extremely simple Sensorturn / Sensorturn pro can be operated with a foot pedal*. For both options different operating modes are available: Flexible Start-Stop functions or the second timer control with variable rotational periods from 1 - 25 seconds. For longer applications the time can be extended to 125 seconds. A continuously variable rotational speed control of 14 - 110 rpm (Sensorturn) or 14 - 210 rpm (Sensorturn pro) ensures uniform  and individual plating of the Petri dishes up to a diameter of 100 mm (optional: up to 150 mm). An extraordinarily low working height allows effortless work. The highest degree of sterility is ensured by the device's stainless steel  construction.

  • The Sensorturn / Sensorturn pro is a high-performance, UVresistant and flame-sterilizable device.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable rotational speed control
  • Short time operation 1 - 125 seconds
  • Turntable with silicone covering & centring ring (autoclavable)
  • Switch on and off with movements of the hand or foot pedal*
  • UV-resistant and flame-sterilizable
  • Minimum space requirement
  • 2-year warranty


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