Whitley M85 Workstation

Manufacturer: Don Whitley Scientific Ltd

Main features

The Whitley M85 variable atmosphere workstation is ideal for the study and isolation of Campylobacter spp, Helicobacterpylori and other similarly fastidious microaerophiles. This workstation accommodates between 500 and 700 x 90mm plates.


  • For total flexibility, up to four gases – nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air and a 10% hydrogen/90% nitrogen mix – can be combined within safe and varying ratios to provide a specific atmosphere for your experiments
  • Large 30 litre airlock with powered internal door provides effective sample and equipment transfer in the fastest possible time whilst ensuring the minimum amount of oxygen is introduced into the chamber
  • Two oval ports enable you to work gloved or bare handed
  • Each porthole also acts as a mini-airlock so you can transfer up to 10 plates each time you insert or withdraw your arms, so reducing airlock cycles and gas usage
  • Colour, touch-screen control panel for ease of use and for visual display of parameters such as temperature, humidity, and airlock cycle status
  • Optional refrigeration unit available if you are working with organisms that need low temperature incubation or storage conditions
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