AquaLab TrueDry CV-9

Manufacturer: Decagon Devices Inc.

Key Features

Multi-Sample Moisture Content Analyzer

Measure the moisture content of nine samples with just four minutes of hands-on work time

How it Works

To start a measurement, place up to 9 sample pans in TrueDry's rotating tray, close the lid, and select a program.

Conforms with AOAC, ASTM, ISO

TrueDry lets you select the drying temperature and time (or alternatively, allows you to dry to constant weight). This lets you specify primary AOAC, ASTM, or ISO standard drying methods.

Controlled Contact Drying

Using a method called "controlled contact drying," TrueDry heats the sample, not the sample chamber. Heater coils and sensors are located just millimeters from each individual sample for precise temperature control.

Monitor Weight Automatically

As the sample dries, TrueDry monitors the weight automatically, cycling each sample onto the scale pan for repeated weight measurements. The enclosed sample chamber protects the sample from ambient temperature and humidity effects.

Dry to a Standard

At the end of the test, dessicated air in the sample chamber dries each sample to a consistent vapor pressure (1% RH).

Save More Than 150 Labor Hours a Year

Drying nine samples at once without repetitive swapping frees up more than 150 hours of labor a year for labs that measure 12 or more moisture samples in a typical work day.

Just One Interruption

TrueDry gives you the precision of a drying oven without moving samples between balances, ovens, and dessicators--just one interruption of your workflow to measure nine samples.

Dry Instead of Burning

Driving off water at lower temperatures delivers the precision of oven drying with the efficiency of a moisture balance.

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